Weekly Recap: 3 Weeks Until the Boston Marathon

Three weeks until my 39th marathon, the 2022 Boston Marathon! Can’t wait. Okay-technically 15 days until the race! This is my recap of the previous week of training. Here’s how things went as I entered into the taper!

Monday: 6 solo early morning miles (I went into the office Mon-Wed this week; we are supposed to be in a “majority” of the time, and I like to get my in-office days out of the way!), 9 min/mile average

Dustin was in NYC for work all week, so I was diligent about leaving the office each day to get home to let the pups out and then take them for a walk.

Squeezed in 10 min core + 20 min upper body strength on the Peloton app after work.

Tuesday: Another early run, this time with my friend Isabelle. I had some speed intervals in there, ending with 9.35 miles, 8:48 min/mile average.

10 min core + 20 min lower body + 10 min barre on Peloton after work. Plus dog walks, of course.

Wednesday: Winter sure is taking its time on the way out- I woke up to sleety snow, so opted to do my recovery miles on the treadmill, 6 miles, 9:20 min/mile average.

We have a new dog walker through Rover who comes over on the days Dustin and I are both at the office; on this day, she tried to walk Ruth and Matilda and apparently Ruth had no interest in walking in the sleet. They made it about 5 minutes before they had to turn around! Poor Ruth…Matilda is definitely little tougher when it comes to the weather, even in her old age!

Only had time for my 10 min of core- busy week of work.

Thursday: I had plans to meet my friends for an early run, but I when I walked out the door around 5:30 am, it was way too slick. I turned right back around and changed into clothes to run on the treadmill. My schedule had 10 easy miles, but I split it into two- 6 miles on the treadmill before work, 9:30 min/mile average, and then 4 miles with Ruth after work, 8:34 min/mile average (the ice had melted by the evening, thank goodness!) 10 min of core on Peloton.

Friday: Rest day from running. Plenty of dog walks, 10 min of core plus 40 min of upper body on Peloton

Saturday: What a great day for a long run! It was 34 degrees when I headed out the door, but I knew I would been fine in shorts and a long sleeve as the sun was shining and the temperature continued to rise throughout my long run.

I ran with Dustin to where we always used to meet for our old run club (the Calhoun Beach Club), met a few friends for about a mile together (Dustin headed off with guys his pace), then I had 10x(4 min at marathon effort, 4 minutes easy pace); I was supposed to do the marathon pace “blind” and not look at my match, but rather focus on what marathon pace should feel like. It was such a lovely day, I ran into running friends new and old! For the cool-down, I picked up Ruth at home for 4 more miles at the end.

16 miles total, 8:45 min/mile average.

It was warm enough (for this Minnesotan) at the end that I dumped my long sleeve and finished the run in a tank and shorts!

I wasn’t too stressed about “marathon effort” on this run. My goal for Boston is to have a good time- I guess I’d like to stay under 4 hours and maybe do a bit better than I did there in 2017 (3:54, read my recap HERE.)

But this is my 5th marathon in just 10 months, which is a lot! I’m ready for a little break (but don’t hold me to it, ha!) But I’m excited to experience this historical race again in all its glory and enjoy it with no pressure for a particular time.

Sunday: 5.5 miles with Dustin and Ruth, 8:45 min/mile average. I plan to do my 10 min of core and some lower body strength later today.

Summary: 53 miles of running (my coach said no more than 55 this week- goal achieved!), daily core and a mix of strength on the Peloton app.

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