Weekly Recap: 4 Weeks Until the Boston Marathon

It’a another week closer to my 39th full marathon, which will be the Boston Marathon 2022!

I uploaded my proof of covid vaccine awhile back and received a QR code to add to my apple wallet for the expo. They made the process really easy and its great to know they are doing what they can to keep people safe. My personal concern is that I get covid right before Boston and can’t run it…but despite that fear, we have relaxed a little bit; we’ve been eating dinner inside (see pic below from Saturday night) and “doing more” social stuff than before, as cases have come way down in Minnesota, for now. I hope I can stay healthy for the marathon!

On to the weekly recap!

Monday: Intentional recovery run, solo, 8 miles, 9:30 min/mile average. Still some snow behind me in this pic, but I was in shorts! it was about 45 degrees when I ran and got up to 65 later in the day!

30 min upper body + 10 min core on Peloton after work.

Tuesday: This was supposed to be a Yasso 800 workout, but TMI, my stomach was not feeling well, so I actually didn’t hit any of the paces, though I did what I could. It was also raining (though not pouring). Not my best day. I felt really worn out afterwards too and had an upset stomach the whole day. Yuck. I ended up with 9 miles, 9:10 min/mile average.

Still managed my 10 min core + 10 min upper body after work.

Wednesday: Stomach was better, though not perfect. Christie met me for easy miles at 5:30 am, 7 miles, 9:15 min/mile average. We had terrible weather- cold stingy sleet pelting our faces. It may have hit 65 degrees on Monday, but was back to terrible winter-type weather by Wednesday.

20 min upper body + 10 min core on Peloton after work.

Thursday: Work from home day, so I took advantage of sleeping in a little bit before starting my work day. (After 3 days with alarms in the 4:XX’s, I definitely needed it!)

After work, Dustin joined me for my tempo run: 20 min easy, 15 minutes moderate, 2:30 jog, 10 min tempo, 2:30 jog, 5 min tempo, 15 minute cool down to 8 miles total, 8:10 min/mile average.

These paces are still really easy for him, so sometimes it can be mentally hard when I am working and he’s jogging along and barely breathing, BUT the benefit of having him there to push me really helps. I’m really glad I have a partner who will run with me.

10 min core + 20 min barre on Peloton after the run

Friday: I met up with my friend Vicki and an old colleague of ours for some easy miles together, 4.2 miles, 10 min/mile average.

Saturday: My schedule called for 2 hours of easy running (a cutback after the 21 miler last weekend!) I ran to my friend Julie’s house, which is about 1.5 miles away, and then we did 11 together, then I ran home. On the way home, I ran into Dustin and Ruth, so I did a mile with them. 14 miles, 8:55 min/mile average.

The temperature was SO cold again- 18 degrees with a “feels like” of 3 with some awful wind gusts. It didn’t make the run very fun; I was glad to have a cutback week!

The Right Fit for 14 miles in 18 degree/windchill in the single digits:
-Sweaty Betty Therma Leggings
-New Balance Heat Grid Hoodie
–lululemon Swiftly tech long sleeve as a base layer
–Oiselle PNW headband– could have used a gaitor as my face got very cold when the wind was gusting
-Oiselle Bad Weather mittens
–Smartwool socks
-My new men’s size Saucony Endorphin Speeds (my wide feet are doing much better in a men’s shoe, but now I have to work to replace all my REGULAR shoes too, which is sad…)

I followed up with the run with my 10 min of core on the Peloton app before lunch and some lounging around. Our friends were going out of town just for the night, so they brought over their dog Odin for a slumber party with Ruth and Matilda!

Odin is super chill and easy to dog-sit. Of course, there were some long (albeit COLD) dog walks with all three!

Saturday night, we checked out Stepchld, a newish restaurant in Northeast Minneapolis. It was delicious! We shared the Minneapolis Beauty burger (so good!), sweet potato fritters, and the burrata dish. Everything was very good. Cool vibe too.

Sunday: 7.2 mile run with Dustin, 8:20 min/mile average (The average pace is always faster with Dustin!) We didn’t bring Ruth since she had run with him the day before and she seemed tired from the extra excitement of having Odin visiting. I followed the run with 10 min of core on the Peloton app and hope to fit in some more strength training later this afternoon.

Don’t be misled by those blue skies, the temperature on this run was still 17 degrees with a “feels like” of 7. Where is spring??

Summary: 57 miles of running, daily core, random mix of strength on Peloton app. I’ll have one more longer run next week (with some marathon effort, I believe) before the real taper begins two weeks out from Boston.

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