Weekly Recap: 4 Weeks Until the Charleston Marathon

Happy holidays! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday week/weekend. Mine was low-key and included a lot of running, which is just the way I like it. Here’s how training for the Charleston marathon went this past week:

Monday: 6 treadmill miles before work, 8:45 min/mile average

Tuesday: Long treadmill workout!

25 min warm-up, 21 min of 3x (4min@8:20-8:15, 3min@8:00-7:55), 3min easy jog, 4x (90 sec@ 7:15-7:00, 90 sec easy),3 min easy jog, 14min of 2x (4 min@ 8:20-8:15, 3 min@ 7:50-7:40), 3 min easy jog, 4x (30 sec@ 6:50-6:40, 2 min easy jog), 15 min cool down. 11.3 miles total.

The workout was kind of a complicated one but my coach uses “VDOT 02,” with that software, the workout will auto-load right to my Garmin, I don’t have to bother programming it myself, which is great. This was also a good one to do on the treadmill, as it was in ‘minutes’ vs. distance. Sometimes my Garmin and treadmill don’t align for distance, but at least with a time based workout, I can still use my Garmin for the sets, but use the distance and paces on my treadmill.

After work- 35 minutes of lower body on Peloton: 15 min glutes & legs with Selena, 10 min glutes & legs with Callie, & 10 min glutes & legs with Matty

Wednesday: The power company was replacing a pole in the alley, so we lost power around 9 am, including the internet. I couldn’t work, so instead I took Ruth for a quick 4 mile run, 8:30 min/mile average. I finished up my scheduled miles after work on the treadmill with 6 more miles, 9 min/mile average, watching “The Great” on Hulu, followed by a 20 min strength for runners + 10 min core on the Peloton app.

10 miles on the day.

Thursday: Rest from running!

Due to the holiday, I moved my long run to Friday, so my rest day was Thursday. I did 40 minutes of upper body (2×10 min arms & light weights with Tunde and 20 min chest & back with Andy) and walked the dogs (it was 38 degrees!) but that was it for the day.

Friday: Christmas Eve solo 20 miler! I lucked out with the weather, as it was in the upper 30’s and felt downright balmy.

I ran down Minnehaha Parkway to Lake Nokomis and then added Bde Maka Ska and Lake of the Isles at the end to get to 20. Not my worst 20 miler, not my best, but I got it done!

I was sure to visit Peter Cottontail on the Trail on Minnehaha Parkway. He was looking festive!

Saturday: Merry Christmas! I did a quick 4-mile run with Ruth before a low-key celebration. We celebrated with Dustin’s family when we were in Arizona earlier this month, and my parents were staying closer to home, so it was just Dustin and me. It was lovely.

Kim from Kim Runs on the Fly put together this fun collage of several of the bloggers who participate in this weekly link-up, getting some fitness in over the holiday!

Sunday: 10 miles, 8:30 min/mile average. It was 13 degrees with a feels like of 4, so I tested out some new winter running gear from Santa, like these purple Rainier tights from Athleta and this cozy Craft ADV SUBZ jacket.

Summary: 61 miles of running, a mix of strength on the Peloton app (still loving it!) This was probably my biggest mileage week for Charleston; I won’t be tapering quite yet, but I don’t think I’ll do another 20 miler.

One of my favorite Christmas gifts this year was from my dad (and mom.) I sent him a picture of something similar I saw online a few months ago, and he turned it into this!

Obviously the Barkley Marathon is not a race we will ever do- ha! He made other boards with other distances that we can change out as we please. We can add times with dry-erase markers or chalk on the other side. Pretty fancy!

It turned out so well. Way to go Dad! We love it.

That’s it for the week- I hope you all had a wonderful holiday. See you next weekend!

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