Weekly Recap: 7 Weeks Until the Boston Marathon

Well, it was another interesting week of training for the Boston marathon in Minnesota. Even though its March, the weather wasn’t very cooperative- lots of icy mornings. Here are the gory details!

Monday: 5:30 am run with my friend Sarah (i.e….back in the office, so have to start early again.), 7.3 miles, 9:08 min/mile average. Temps above zero, trails relatively clear.

20 min upper body (two 10 min Tunde classes) + 10 min core (with Matty) on Peloton after work.

Tuesday: Monday’s temperatures actually got up into the 40’s, which meant a lot of the snow had melted, but then it got below freezing overnight, when meant there was a lot of refreeze. I had some speed intervals on my schedule, so I found the completely clear part of Bde Maka Ska and repeated that section- quite a few times, to get to 9.3 miles.

My workout was 30 min warm-up, 2x(3 min on, 90 sec recovery), 4x(2 min on, 90 sec recovery), 6x(1 min on, 90 sec recovery), 15 min easy cool down. I recently asked my coach to switch from one really long workout per week + frequent workouts in the long run, to instead have 2 workouts during the week and mostly easy long runs. So this week the Tuesday workout was shorter speed intervals and the Thursday workout was longer tempo work.

After work, I did 30 min glutes & legs with Selena, 10 min core with Robin, and 10 min arms & light weights with Tunde for 50 minutes of strength.

Wednesday: I started a solo run at 5 am, and the first few miles were okay, but then it started to sleet/snow on me, and the trails soon had a thin layer of snow over patches of black ice.

You probably can’t tell from the picture, but it was treacherous.

Those are exactly the conditions I had the day I broke my tibia/fibula- a thin layer of snow over unknown ice. I freaked out, slowed the pace way down, cut my mileage short, and safely made my way home, but I was so nervous….7 miles, 9:40 pace, vowed not to run outside until the trails were totally safe and clear.

After work, I did 10 min upper body with Callie + 10 min core with Emma on the Peloton app.

Thursday: Wednesday’s run scared me, so I decided to wait to run until daylight to see if the trails were safe. By the afternoon, the snow had melted and the trails were clear. Since I ran in the late afternoon, Dustin joined me!

30 minutes easy with Ruth, stop home to get Dustin, then 45 minute progression, 10 minute cool-down, 10.3 miles total at an 8:20 min/mile pace. The progression felt totally doable; I’m sure having Dustin pace me helped.

I followed the run with 10 min of core + 10 min of arms & light weights + 10 min of barre.

Friday: Technically Friday was my rest day from running, but I wanted to catch up with my friend Vicki so I met her for 5 easy miles, 9:30 min/mile. Running is such a great way to stay connected, isn’t it?

Squeezed in 10 min of core and 10 min of arms & light weights with Tunde after the run.

Dressed like a total blueberry.

Saturday: Well, a fun ice/snow storm hit Minneapolis Friday night. I walked outside in the morning to see how bad it was, and it was SO SO icy- sheer ice. No thanks! That meant a long run on the treadmill.

16 miles, 9:15 min/mile. It seriously wasn’t that bad! I watched the new show about Elizabeth Holmes (of Theranos infamy.) I took two breaks for nuun/fuel. It was a lot better than breaking a leg on the ice!

I did get quite sweaty…hence the beach towel, ha! Good heat training, in case Boston is another hot one like it was when I ran it in 2017?

Saturday was also Matilda’s 13th birthday! That’s 91 in dog years. She’s the sweetest pup in the world.

Sunday: A lot of snow on top of all that ice…treadmill time. I don’t think marathon training would be possible for me in Minneapolis without a treadmill. 6 miles, nice & easy, 9:40 min/mile, totally zoned out and watched some good shows.

Summary: 61 miles of running, daily core, mix of strength on Peloton

And that’s a wrap on life and training for the Boston Marathon!

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