Weekly Recap: 8 Weeks Until the Boston Marathon

What a heavy week, wasn’t it? My heart breaks for the people of Ukraine. I can’t imagine what they are going through. I know we all are seeing the news and no one really needs my take on it, so I’ll just say that I am hoping for peace.

Moving on to the regular light-heartedness of fitness, which I recognize that I am very fortunate to have.

It was another cold and icy week in Minneapolis, which meant lots of time on the treadmill. As I mentioned in last week’s post, it was the 4-year anniversary of my broken tibia/fibula and I’m not taking any chances running on the ice to have that happen again! No thank you.

I’m grateful to have a treadmill setup in the basement that I enjoy, but I’m more than ready for spring.

Monday: I had the day off of work for Presidents’ Day, so my friend Vicki and I met in the daylight for a run; 8 miles, 9:25 min/mile average. It was windy and cold, but the forecasted blizzard hadn’t started yet, so we had relatively clear trails (some icy spots, but you could see them.)

I followed the run with 10 min of core + 20 min of barre on the Peloton app.

Tuesday: Well, the snowstorm hit Minneapolis with lots of icy snow, so to the treadmill I went. I had a workout with some short speed: 20 minutes easy, 15x(90 seconds on, 90 seconds off), easy to cool-down, 8.6 miles, 9:25 min/mile average. 10 minutes of core and 10 minute of upper body after.

Wednesday: 8 easy miles, 9:15 min/mile average on the treadmill. I’m embarrassed to admit I’m sucked into Love is Blind season 2! I’ve never watched shows like the Bachelor, but for some reason, this one has me. It kind of makes me look forward to the treadmill, ha!

After work, I did 45 minutes of lower body work (some barre, some weights) + 10 min of upper + 10 min of core on the Peloton app.

Thursday: A long day at work- or maybe it just felt longer because I didn’t run in the morning and had a long workout looming over my head! 3 miles easy, 3×1.5 mile at 7:45, cool down to 10 miles. 10 min of core after. Can’t skip that, no matter what!

Friday: Rest from running. I walked the dogs of course, and did 30 min of upper body + 20 min of core after work.

Saturday: Long run day! I did 4 miles solo, came back home to fuel and pick up Dustin for 7 together, then we came back again to pick up Ruth (and fuel) for 4 more, then 3 solo for 18 miles total, 9:10 min/mile average. It was above zero (YAY!) though the “feels like” was still below, but the sun was shining and it warmed up as we went (rather than got colder like my 17 miler two weeks ago!)

Ruth may have only ran 4 miles with us, but she was zonked out after! I was happy to join her for a nap after 18 miles.

Saturday night, we went to dinner at Petite Leon, which meant wearing real clothes. I’m really trying to embrace the mom jeans (plus middle-part and clogs) that all the young kids are wearing, but man, mom jeans really aren’t flattering on this 40-year-old. Ha!

Sunday: 8 miles with Ruth & Dustin, 8:35 min/mile average, 20 degrees. The sun was shining and it felt amazing. Great run.

Summary: 60 miles! That’s the first time I hit that number in this training cycle and during a challenging week here in Minneapolis too. Daily 10 min of core + other strength on the Peloton app.

One last thing before I close this post- it seems like races are coming back in full swing. Just a reminder that I am a certified running coach and would love to help you achieve your goals! I currently have some space and would love to connect with you to see if I am ‘the right fit’ for you!

And that’s a wrap on life and training for the Boston Marathon!

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